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AdEx Benchmark 2012 reveals outstanding year for online advertising as it surpasses newspaper advertising spend for the first time.

13/09/2013 21:00

IAB Europe, in association with IHS has launched the AdEx Benchmark 2012 report, the definitive guide to online advertising spend across Europe. This year the report revealed outstanding results for online advertising with an overall growth of 11.5% despite the toughest economic climate for the broader advertising market since 2009.
Online advertising spend managed to surpass newspaper advertising investment (1) for the first time, as a result becoming the second biggest media category in Europe and attracting one-in-every-four advertising Euros.
Online has more than doubled its share of all media revenue since 2006 when the AdEx Benchmark study began. Today it accounts for 25.6% (€24.3bn) of total advertising spend in comparison with 10.3% (€9.4bn) in 2006.
“Overall our sector has remained strong,” stated Kimon Zorbas, CEO of IAB Europe, adding, “Growth has continued at an impressive rate especially when compared with the overall economy. Even more remarkable is the increase in CEE markets, which indicates their exciting potential.”
The trajectory of the online advertising industry demonstrates a fundamental shift in advertising strategies globally. 2012’s strong growth is attributable to the increasing number of consumers online and the diversity of online advertising solutions particularly mobile and video formats, which is changing the landscape in dynamic ways.

Source: https://www.iabeurope.eu/news/online-advertising-sector-hits-all-time-high